Seakayaking in Lake Titicaca, Puno-Peru


 If you are always on the look for new & different kayaking experiences…  We have a unique and mystic experience waiting for you

Partially owned by the reputable Explorandes Travel Agency, Titikayak is a company offering a range of safe, well-planned seakayak trips that leave from the Llachon peninsula in Puno, Peru. The equipment is excellent and everything you’ll need for the trip is provided. The agency offers half-day trips around the peninsula, a full-day trip that goes to Taquile or Amantani Islands and back, and a three day trip that explores the island in detail. For those with arms-of-steel, longer days trips to more remote places can also be arranged, with home stays at communities.

Boat-supported and accompanied by guides, the longer expeditions also include camping and all meals on the boat or shore. 

Only with TITIKAYAK will you find the finest Sea kayaking experience among the Peruvian Andes, in touch with nature and sharing with its wonderful people & its many cultures.

We have top quality expedition kayaks and highly trained guides that will take you on a safe & fun sea kayaking expedition on the highest navigable lake in the world!


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